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It's all about your home.

What does the word home mean to you? At Ethos, it’s about who we are, how we live, and how we put our passions, beliefs + hearts into what we do — with you, and for you.

Here’s what’s important to us:

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Sustainable Development

Sustainability extends beyond the concept of collaboration with the natural world; it also has to do with being able to afford living a quality life in the place you love to call home. We seek out homes and develop designs that work in concert with nature, while extending sustainability to our partners — we work with some of the best artisans and tradespeople in the community, and we honor them by treating them well, valuing their professionalism and paying them reasonable livable wages.

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Community Evolution

We’re deeply in love with Boise, and our work is helping to shape and enhance the local community. Wherever possible, we partner with local artisans and professionals, and we’re active members of a variety of local organizations.

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Green | Eco-Friendly Products

We want you to feel educated and choose the products that are right for your budget, lifestyle and needs. We do extensive research into green products, verifying their claims and ensuring that if you choose to use them in your project, they’re non-toxic and eco-friendly.

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  • Founder and President – Central Bench Neighborhood Association (CBNA) – Board of Directors, Boise, ID (2007-2012)
  • Founder & Event Coordinator – Central Bench Spring Festival, Boise, ID (2009 – 2012)
  • Co-Founder – Boise Bench Dwellers Collaborative Visioning Group, Boise, ID (2011 – present)
  • Founder-Boise Bench Dwellers Facebook Community, Boise, ID (2011-present
  • Member – Boise Neighborhood Association Collaborative Visioning Group, Boise, ID (2010 – 2014)
  • Member – Refugee Resource Strategic Plan – Social Integration Committee, Boise, ID (2011 – 2014)
  • President – International Community Center of Idaho (ICCI) – Board of Directors, Boise, ID (2011 – 2015) 
  • Member – United Vision for Idaho: Minority Summit Task Force, Boise, ID (2012)
  • Member – National Association of Remodeling Industry Idaho Chapter (NARI of Idaho)
  • Member – Boise Regional Realtors, Boise, ID
  • Member – Boise Green Scene, Boise, ID
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