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Our Process

First and foremost: We’re gonna have a lot of fun!

Your vision is our priority, and translating it into a livable, workable home and business is our specialty. Here’s how we do that:

How Step 1

Before we visit you, we'll send you our Design Agreement for you to look over. After a consultation is scheduled, we'll come over to the house/site where we can better visualize your dream project. We’ll talk with you and your family to learn more about your ideas and goals to get a feel for your personality and style, chatting about fun things like colors and materials and serious things like timeline and schedules.

How Step 2

Now it’s down to the nitty gritty: We’ll do a field study, obtaining measurements, observing traffic flows and check out any structural considerations. If your house is still in the building process, we’ll get a lot of this info from your plans, but will also visit the build site.

How Step 3

Armed with your vision and real-world data, we’ll research materials and products that we’ll include in our project planning and design.

How Step 4

Our team will develop a plan for your project, providing you with layout, materials options, color recommendations and more. Whatever we discussed during our initial meeting, we’ll deliver for your review. This is your opportunity to give feedback, tweak the project and then sign off.

How Step 5

It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get started! We’ll be on site to do the work ourselves, coordinate with our partners and keep you in the loop on progress. Should anything come up, we’ll work with you to resolve, with the goal of keeping the project on track.

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