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Sarah Cunningham

Realtor & Principal Catalyst

Born and raised in Boise, Sarah has been at the helm of Ethos Design+Remodel since 2010. She then added Ethos Real Estate to her business repertoire in 2014 in order to better cater to her clients' home quality needs. She spent 5 years as a Design Consultant & Project Manager with Neef's Creative Ventures in Boise, ID, during which she represented them on the board of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) of Idaho, serving as both secretary and vice president on the board of directors. This experience gave her insight and experience in working with other remodelers, which ultimately informed her own set of standards and ethics in the remodeling industry. She has worked with some of the most reputable remodelers in Treasure Valley, giving her valuable hands-on industry experience that she shares with her clients.

Sarah Cunningham is the Ethos Realtor as well as the Catalyst for Ethos Design + Remodel. She is a Boise native, active mother, and a savvy advocate for sustainable practices in the home and community. Sarah is known for her great client and trade relationships, industry and local knowledge, unique creativity, humor, wit and going above and beyond to get the job done right while keeping an eye on the big picture and maintaining attention to detail.

Whether buying, selling or remodeling your home Sarah is here to help you live life by your design.


Erin Sorensen

Project Manager, Quality assurance

Erin is an Idaho native, married, and the proud mother of three children. She remodeled her first home and created her first profitable business at age 19. She has been a formidable force in the construction industry for 16 years designing, permitting, and managing the construction of large infrastructure projects, commercial facilities, rentals, modular housing, and affordable homes. As a serial entrepreneur, Erin has launched several businesses including a community preschool, a food truck park, and affordable housing made from shipping containers. From 2018-2020 working as a member of a design and development team, Erin helped build 93 living units in the states of Idaho, Colorado, Virginia, and California.

From 2008-2017, she served on the Veterans Park Neighborhood Association Board. She has been on the NeighborWorks Boise Board of Directors since 2009 where she currently holds the position of Realestate Chair. In 2016 Erin received a Dorothy Richardson Resident Leadership Award from NeighborWorks America which is bestowed annually to eight citizens across the nation in recognition of outstanding community leadership. When not working Erin enjoys meals with family and friends, gardening, cycling, and camping with her fluffball dog Lucy.
Merits & Accolades:
Erin has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Boise State University and has a Credential of Readiness from Harvard Business School. She completed Venture College at Boise State, is a friend of Trailhead Boise, and a Leadership Boise Class of 2017 Alumni.


Mike Frazier

Production Manager



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