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We want to help you create a home that is fiercely awesome! Learn more about your new collaborators:


Sarah Cunningham

Realtor & Principal Catalyst

Born and raised in Boise, Sarah has been at the helm of Ethos Design+Remodel since 2010. She then added Ethos Real Estate to her business repertoire in 2014 in order to better cater to her clients' home quality needs. She spent 5 years as a Design Consultant & Project Manager with Neef's Creative Ventures in Boise, ID, during which she represented them on the board of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) of Idaho, serving as both secretary and vice president on the board of directors. This experience gave her insight and experience in working with other remodelers, which ultimately informed her own set of standards and ethics in the remodeling industry. She has worked with some of the most reputable remodelers in Treasure Valley, giving her valuable hands-on industry experience that she shares with her clients.

Sarah Cunningham is the Ethos Realtor as well as the Catalyst for Ethos Design + Remodel. She is a Boise native, active mother, and a savvy advocate for sustainable practices in the home and community. Sarah is known for her great client and trade relationships, industry and local knowledge, unique creativity, humor, wit and going above and beyond to get the job done right while keeping an eye on the big picture and maintaining attention to detail.

Whether buying, selling or remodeling your home Sarah is here to help you live life by your design.


Samuel Robertson

Project Manager

The Ethos Design+Remodel family is ecstatic to have Sam Robertson join our team as Project Manager. Sam brings a background in commercial construction with a strict sense of accountability. His experience in new construction, renovations, and public works projects will be a welcome addition to our pool of talent. Sam's skill set includes, but is not limited to, managing construction capital, contract negotiations, client procurement, forecasting, mitigating construction delays, and process implementation. In addition to his commercial background, Sam brings with him extensive experience in business development, operations management, and site analysis. In his free time, Sam enjoys golfing, fishing, hunting, and off-grid camping adventures with his puppy!


Erin Sorensen

Project Manager


Megan Dougherty

Team Asssistant

Megan joined the Ethos Design + Remodel team in 2020 equipped with strong organization skills, amazing communication proficiency, savvy leadership techniques, and efficient budgeting aptitude. With the general knowledge gained from former employment, she uses her experiences identifying and organizing client needs into actionable plans that adhere to budgeting guidelines.

Born into a military family in Japan, she has been blessed with opportunities that allowed her to travel various parts of the world. She admires different cultures and ethnic food. Her hobbies include outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, hiking, and exploring. Megan loves live music entertainment, a good margarita, and arts and crafts.


Laura Rogers

Office Manager

Laura joined the Ethos family in January 2020 as our office manager. She has resided in the greater Boise area since 2015 and loves the outdoor beauty that the Treasure Valley has to offer. Laura’s background includes being a multi-store franchise owner in California for 15 years and a local business owner here in Boise for the past 5 years. She enjoys learning new ways to make a business run effectively and smoothly. She is definitely the mother symbol of the business and is someone who likes to take care of those she works with. She loves the way Boise is a community that helps each other and comes together for the greater good. I have a feeling you will like Laura and her business acumen.

Our Partners

Our strong relationships with other talented local artisans and businesses help us turn the vision of your home into a reality.

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