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Here Comes the Neighborhood

We entitle and build subdivisions. From pocket and cottage communities to multi-family housing to workforce accommodations, we make space for the human experience.

Based in Boise with deep roots across the Treasure Valley, Ethos reaches mountain communities in Idaho too. Our consultancy, projects, and design work extend to California, Colorado, Oregon, Virginia, and beyond.

Authentic to the area and the way people want to live, Ethos creates inclusive neighborhoods with universal appeal and environmental sustainability.

Real estate development services in the field of residential, single and multifamily, and commercial property; Residential and commercial building construction; none of the aforesaid services relating to the administration and management of hotels


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Driving Forces in Development

We build subdivisions with universal design and Americans with Disabilities Act accommodations. In our grand mixed-use designs, everyone belongs. All ages. All income levels.

Inclusive Design
Vertically Integrated

We design it, permit it, build it, and manage it once it's built.

vertically integrated
Dev_Vertically Integrated

We eat entitlements for breakfast. We jump through legal hoops without breaking a sweat. Ink that “APPROVED” stamp on every permit.

regulation ready
Dev_Regulation Ready
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Partner with Ethos

To realize big visions, we partner with other builders, developers, landowners, and investors aligned with the same values of community, quality, and resource management.
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Unique Projects and Properties


Copy / paste is not our style. Give us the oddball property ideas and the odd-shaped lots. We work to the conditions of the environment to improve everything on it.


We elevate what already exists in urban areas. We make the most of what you’ve got, including unused and underutilized lots.


Modular makes sense in mountain communities with shortened building seasons. Ethos is expert at getting the foundation ready for a modular install. Then executing the details.


Passive houses use sustainable, high-performance, and non-toxic materials to improve indoor air quality and overall resource consumption.


The quality of our living is higher when we have our amenities within walking/biking distance. Think reduced travel, reduced environmental footprint. Think better quality of life. 

Live/work/play within a single neighborhood.