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Ethos is the Fundamental Spirit of Community

Let’s end the idea that we can build rows of boxes on the cheap and call them neighborhoods. Without a second thought to how those who live there will actually live.
Ethos shapes the entire scene. We take a wide-angle view on community. That’s why we see through the full dynamics of designing, building, developing, and representing a place.

Collectively, Ethos creates standout spaces for people to simply exist better. We reflect on the total environment—even the cultural impact of our work—down to the ongoing ripple effects in everyday lives.

As a women-led, vertically-integrated agency from Idaho, Ethos is natural outlier. Yet we’ve become a nationally-recognized thought leader. We bring expansive new vision to the design+build, development, and real estate space.

Originally formed by Sarah Cunningham as Desiderata Interiors in 2010, and rebranded to Ethos in 2014, our guiding forces have never wavered. With roots in neighborhood activism, we believe community matters. Our environment matters. How you live matters.

Meet the Minds Behind Ethos

Sarah Cunningham

[ Founder & CEO ]

Erin Sorensen


Chris Athas

[ Fine Woodworker ]

Brian Andersen

[ Site Superintendent ]

Anna-Marie Vargas

[ Architectural Designer ]

Nia Church

[ Principal Designer ]

Champion Barron

[ Jobsite Wizard ]

Beth Brookhouse

[ Executive Assistant & Transaction Coordinator ]
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