ETHOS creates a sense of place. We cause a scene.
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It's How We Exist

Ethos creates a sense of place. We cause a scene. We shape community dynamics. Our built environments are built to better the total environment. And built for you to really live. Out loud. In impeccable taste. With forward-thinking design that’s inclusive and sustainable, we make space for humankind (and kind humans).

Ethos is a lived experience.

Sarah Cunningham

founder & ceo of ethos

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The Remodel Checklist

Everything you should consider when remodeling your kitchen and what to budget for…

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The Ethos Crew

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We Build New Realities

Interior and exterior designs change your neural wiring. Built environments impact the way you interact with the world. At Ethos, we make space for you. (Plus, greater society.) Because living is a creative expression. We dig deep to get to the lived realities at the heart of a project. Especially when it comes to your place, how you exist matters.