Green Upgrades that Increase Your Home Value

Whether you want to sell your place or fall in love with it all over again, there are many ways to increase its value. A focus on eco-friendly upgrades can help lower your cost of living. At the same time, you can help address the need to decrease our carbon footprint and work toward sustainable homes that ensure future generations get to enjoy beautiful communities. With that in mind, we want to share some green upgrades that increase your home value.

Improve home insulation

The first step in making a more eco-friendly home is to create an energy-efficient home improvement plan which includes taking a close look at your insulation. Poor home insulation is one of the main reasons people spend too much money on heating. It has become a common issue for many households, and as a result, we overuse heating devices contributing to unnecessary energy use and waste from quickly broken down equipment.

Windows on a house.
Installing energy-efficient windows is an excellent way to reduce heat loss in your home.

Consider replacing your windows. Energy-efficient windows better preserve heat, lessening the amount of time and energy it takes to heat your home. This both reduces your carbon footprint and the cost of your utility bill. Energy-efficient windows also create an additional layer of sound isolation, helping make your home a safe haven from external noise.

Don’t forget about your attic! Roofs are bound to deteriorate over time, leading to cold air entering from your roof. Insulating the attic will also reduce heat loss and make your home more energy-efficient.

If you have an attached garage, it is worth double-checking that your garage door has been properly installed and fits tightly. A loose garage door can cause heat loss and may also be dangerous during windstorms.

Improve the curb appeal of your home

Curb appeal is one of the most critical parts of the home improvement process, especially if you are planning to sell. The exterior appeal is vital to creating a good first impression that sets the atmosphere for the rest of the home. Make sure to give the outside of your home some love so you can boost the curb appeal and add value to your home in one fell swoop.

There are a number of eco-friendly options to boost your curb appeal. Drought-tolerant, native plants and “unlawning” are a favorite of ours. Recycled materials like old tires and galvanized metal bins can even be used for planter boxes. Solar powered outdoor lights are a good option to increase aesthetic appeal and safety.

Sustainable landscaping

Landscape upgrades can also be eco-friendly. The first thing to think about is the health of the soil. Biodegradable materials are the best option for taking care of the plants on your property.

Another thing to consider is what types of plants you have. Some plants produce more oxygen than others.

Lawn sprinkler system.
Eco-friendly sprinklers spend less water to keep your lawn fresh, making them one of the best green updates that increase your home value.

Finally, the process of watering plants also plays a crucial role. Invest in a sprinkler system that will water plants more efficiently, reducing water consumption. A solid sustainable landscaping guide will help you make all the necessary changes in your front yard and backyard.

Add solar panels

Solar panels improve self-sufficiency since your house becomes its own source of energy. This will make your home eco-friendly and substantially reduce utility bills. Solar panels are an investment and require thorough maintenance, however, they have a high return on investment and are gaining more popularity in the current housing market.

Upgrade home appliances

If you recently bought home appliances, you may have noticed they have an energy efficiency chart. This chart shows how much energy appliances use when running and can serve as a helpful guide if you are looking to control how much energy your home uses. Appliances that spend less energy may be a bit more expensive upfront. However, their lower levels of energy usage will decrease your utility bills and will increase your home value.

Consider a tankless water heater

Regular water heaters use electricity to heat water. A tankless water heater uses hot coils to heat water only when you need it. Since the water isn’t being heated constantly, this is a good option to reduce electricity consumption. These water heaters tend to also be more aesthetically pleasing and smaller than traditional water heaters.

A wooden house toy and raising stacks of coins with plants on top of them.
By making your home eco-friendly, you are increasing its market value simultaneously.

Improve your water filtration system

A good water filtration system will reduce the waste in your home and improve its energy efficiency. Buildup from unfiltered can slow down appliances and cause earlier breakdowns and inefficient use of energy. Water filtration systems are also loved by buyers. More and more people are looking for homes with purified water so they don’t have to worry about whether the water is safe for drinking.

Even if you are not selling your home, this upgrade can significantly improve the quality of life for your family.

Planning on selling your home?

These green solutions will significantly boost the value of your home. They increase the attractiveness of your home by touting the future benefits of energy-efficient systems such as lower utility costs. The only thing left to do is stage your green home and showcase all of your incredible upgrades.

Efficient green upgrades that increase your home value explained

You want to optimize your home and make it eco-friendly because:

  • It increases quality of life;
  • Your home will be worth more;
  • It is easy to sell an energy-efficient home at a top dollar price;

Upgrading your home sustainably is a great way to feel proud of your home, whether you keep it for yourself or put it on the market.

Anna-Marie Vargas

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