[ built to order ]

Living the Dream Home

Custom + Home. Two concepts never meant more combined. To define you way of life—and sum up your entire existence. Live spectacularly to your specs. (Finally.) Making the most of this moment, we’re a master builder specializing in luxe custom homes with lasting appeal.

We realize even the vaguest of daydreams…like taking your morning coffee in a south-facing, plant-filled nook with exotic wallpaper. We fit your vision to the environment. Flowing your daily needs into a personally optimized layout and look.

Passive House Experts

We build high-end homes with low-key environmental footprints. Passive houses use sustainable, high-performance, and non-toxic materials. They naturally yield better indoor air quality. They take up fewer resources, especially in heating and cooling. With our sharp eye and certifications, you end up with a healthier overall home.