[ economy of size ]

Small Space Exploration

Move over, old-school granny flat. Modern accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are made for more than mothers-in-law. They’re income generators for homeowners. They’re a short-term oasis for travelers. They’re affordable housing for crowded cities. From garage conversions to new studio builds to modular installs, we bring big ideas to compact spaces. We can start from scratch with extra space in your backyard, or we can convert existing spaces.

We call them fun-sized. ADUs fit it all in. Kitchens. Bathrooms. Places to stretch out and binge-watch and just be. Plus environmental sustainability. ADUs demand meticulous attention to detail.

From Permits to Power Poles

We love a complicated little design challenge, even if that involves legal paperwork or a power grid. We know when you need to add a special permit or second meter to the mix.