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History in the Remaking

Living in the past? Lucky you. A historic home has that “it” factor. Like a real personality, it’s got character, charm, good bones.  It’s like stepping into architectural art—and through the lived experience of generations. “What about my lived experience now though?” you wonder, as you contemplate your nonexistent closet space.

You also know you need someone who has had great success getting through historic approvals, and can save you time, money, and sanity. 

With our period-specific remodels, you’re never really stuck in the past—even if you want to make big changes for your present lifestyle. (Once, we added a whole new story to a historic house that seamlessly fit the original era.) We know how to accommodate and navigate the complex historic design and build permitting process too. 

Saving the Best to Last

We’re the exact opposite of the remodeler who guts the place and throws everything away. We reclaim wood. We repurpose materials—from floorboards to fixtures. We consult with preservation experts and take care to salvage irreplaceable pieces of living history.